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New Hair Color Trends 2012

new hair color highlights
Haircolor trends that are hot right now run the range of light to dark, so what ever your personality is you can find the right haircolor for you.

I have showcased some of the hottest hair colors seen today on celebrities and fashion models.

Some of those being rich dark browns, carmel highlights, platinum natural blondes and fire engine reds, so sit back relax and enjoy the colors before your eyes.

new hair color techniques
It is possible now to achieve the color you want by dying your hair at home with semi-permanent for salon perfect highlights in your natural tone.

If you do not want the sunkissed look you can always opt for the bright pink, blues and greens that have the cyber 80's style.

Fade resistant haircolor is always best especially if you are not committed to one type of hairstyle.

Remember do it yourself DIY hair color products will make it easier and safer to change your hair at home.

Popular Haircolors by Brand
The top hair color brands are: Loreal, Redkin, Aveda, Clairol, Wella, Matrix, Goldwell

Fashionable Hair Color Ideas are great for brunettes and blondes, and when it comes to new hair color Ideas 2011 for blonde highlights and dark hair colors.

As you are probably aware fabulous hair color ideas for fall cover the range from deep colors to light brights. In my experience the unique hair coloring ideas of 2011 include the multi-colors of dip dyes and two toned colors.

Even the best celebrity hair color for 2011 are for lighter shades of brown or golden tones, as well as the celebrity ombre hair color trend that is popular and makes growing out a color easy.

My Favorite hair colors are:

* Light Burgundy Red
* Fired Red
* Chic Ginger
* Intense Auburn
* Dark Brown with Gold Highlights

In my opinion the hottest celebrity hair color Ideas include bright reds, vibrant blues and pastel pinks, along with the many trendy hair Color ideas for Fall and Winter of 2011 which I would suggest you try by experimenting and creating your own shade. Then you will find the edgy hair color trends to try such as deep purples and greens.

Hair color trends Hennas
Hennas are a great way to color your hair with natural products, it takes longer to wash hennas out of the hair because they are plant based.

Since many woman are looking for natural ways to take care of their hair some of the more popular hennas are:

Organic Dyes Surya Henna Cream and The Light Mountain Natural henna hair color.

Some of the top trends in haircolor
* Dark Brunettes
There is a mixture of colors that can be very dark, just think of kim kardashian and how she has almost black hair that is long and shiny.
This style will be in place for most of the winter and summer months. It is a nice contrast for some complexions.
You can purchase hair extensions to add length to your hair to achieve this look.

* Strawberry Blondes

One of the colors that is very complimentary is the lighter hair color that is worn my many celebrities to highlight sections of the long strands around the face.

Tanned skin looks good with lighter hair shades.

If you are looking for a style that will brighten your day try one that can be mixed with multiple tones to get the effect you want.

* Warm Browns

Some of the earth tones for hair color is good for those with green or blue eyes, the hair can really frame the face and showcase the facial features.

Since the color is muted it is best to wear makeup that stands out such as a nice lip color or eyeshadow.

Long wavy hair looks good in these golden brown shades as well. It can be layered hair with full body curls to maximize the effect.
Bold Colors Short Cuts
Fall Hair Color Trends
Hot Color Dyes
Temporary Haircolor Tips

Not all hair color needs to be permanent you can choose to use semi permanent hair colors such as Clairol, hair color , nice n easy and natural instincts are all hair dyes that was out after several shampoos,

Hot topic and Manic Panic has shocking pinks and blues temporary hair color that you can use when you want a fun change.

Loreal has a Hair Color Essentials Pre-Color Primer. which you can use that Fortifies the hair before the hair color is applied to minimize breakage.

Coloring Grey Hair Tips

How to use hair dyes I found some tips for when coloring grey hair, first you will want to exceed the recommended processing time, this is to make sure the hair takes, other suggestions is that you use a permanent color for adequate coverage when coloring grey hair.

Semi-permanent haircolor, or even permanent color with any less than 20 volume peroxide will merely blend grey.

But if you want a stronger hair color application you will want to buy brands that are specifically made for grey hair such as clairol beautiful collection advanced grey solution.

I have heard this assertion about ethalnolamine before and I have to admit I think it is a bit ridiculous. Although Ethalnolamine can be synthetically produced by produced by reacting ethylene oxide with aqueous ammonia, it is also an organic substance commonly found in nature.

In fact, it is the most abundant part of all human cell membranes and is often found in cosmetics that contain organic coconut oil because Ethalnolamine is a natural byproduct of naturally decomposing coconut oil.

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