Teyana Taylor, the ascending hip hop singer, socialite and dancer born in Harlem New York is getting more and more publicity due to her unique fashion style and fabulous curly curl hairstyle. Hairstyles play a very important role in physical appearance and style and it seems that Teyana knows this very well as she adopted a hairstyle which underlines her individuality, style and personality.

When trying to find the perfect hairstyle one needs to take a few things into consideration, things which combined offer you the best advantages. The factors which need to be taken into consideration when choosing a hairstyle are face shape, hair type and facial features. These factors will determine the hair length and style which will suit you best. The perfect hairstyle will enhance your best attributes, conceal your flaws and do you justice from the profile as well.

Teyana's natural style African American hairstyle suits her facial features perfectly. Her tight, cork screw curly hairstyle needs to benefit from at least a medium length in order to receive a feminine perfect look for her face shape. The hairs length helps soften her facial features, so Teyana usually maintains her tresses naturally loose.