Monday, October 10, 2011

Perfect Prom Hair Do's

I was recently informed by one of my youngest sisters that Prom planning begins now (if not before now lol) and so I thought I would do a few blogs on Prom style!
You've gotten the perfect dress, shoes, accessories and now it's time to find that perfect 'do' for you!
Below are some great hair styles that may work for you and your Prom outfit you've chosen to go with.
The Best of Both Worlds
The below style gives you the upstyle with some downstyle for your hair. If you're torn between tucking those beautiful tresses up in an elegant knot style, but also want to show some of them off this is a good choice for you. 
Elegant French Twist
This style is an elegant favorite for most women dressing for a special occaision. It gets your hair up and out of your way while still appearing very classic and chic.
Totally 80's Side Twist
This style reminds me of 80's fashion do's but still has a great flare appeal!

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